CAE '11 Product Profiles

Sept. 5, 2014

Honeywell Calibron Small Volume Prover

            The Calibron Small Volume Prover is a new product from Honeywell that seeks to solve the problem of meter calibration in a new way. This product is intended to eliminate the lost profits which may arise from inaccurate meter calibration rising from errors in large volume proving tanks. It features a smooth bore cylinder and measurement piston containing a bypass valve to diminish disruption of flow during calibration. When the piston is released it follows the flow stream unaided, resulting in minimal disruption to flow, making it extremely accurate. According to company literature on the product, the level of repeatable accuracy equals or exceeds 0.02%. In addition to accuracy, the Calibron’s main selling point is its compact size; the unit is small and light enough to be hauled behind a pickup. Because of this product’s accuracy and portability, it may prove to be an innovative new step in meter calibration technology.

 Safety-Vac Fuel Recovery System

            Safety-Vac in an innovative system for spill recovery, and precludes the need for absorbents in fuel spill situations. The system involves a two step process, beginning with the application of an ecologically friendly fluid treatment to the fuel spill, rendering it inert. This fluid comes in two forms, both of which perform the basic safety function, but one of which includes micro-organisms which feed on petroleum products for the purpose of bioremediation. After the spill has been treated and can be dealt with safely, the second part of the process, fluid retrieval, begins. For retrieval Safety-Vac has developed a spark free vacuum system which collects fluid into an approved container, from which it can be disposed of, recycled, or stored until bioremediation has occurred. This vacuum system comes in various sizes which can deal with anywhere from 30-200 Gallons of recovered fluid, and comes in conventional engine and electric models, making it a versatile new option in spill recovery technology.

TCS 3000 Electronic Register

The TCS 3000 electronic register is an integrated flow computer that controls delivery operations.  The modular design and open software architecture provide a dynamic system that can be expanded to meet future needs. The TCS 3000 features a large VGA screen, alpha-numeric keypad and open printer interface for “Pump and Print” deliveries.  Software features allow the delivery screen information to view rate of flow, pressure differential, tank inventory, preset volume and temperature/density of flow. Optional features include GPS, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capability to improve product security and access to delivery data. Additional features include additive injection, density/temperature correction and multiple valve & pump control.

600 Series Additive Injector

Hammonds Companies designed the 600 Series Additive Injector, a truck-mounted injector, to inject fluid additives directly into fluid products. Typically used in aviation refuelers as a method of adding customer-required additives to bulk fuel products during the delivery process, the 600 Series has a fluid-powered motor, which borrows energy from the flowing product line to operate a diaphragm additive pump. This energy is used to inject the additive upstream of the fluid motor and aid in blending. As a result, there's no need for electricity, air, pulsars or pressurized additive lines. With only a mechanical pipe connection, the unit doesn't require explosion-proof wiring in hazardous conditions, concrete work, or costly site engineering to lay out piping, pumps or skids.

 AvTrol Wireless Fuel Truck Automation

AvTrol fuel truck automation is Liquid Automation Systems newest step in integrated fuel management systems. This system automates meter reading at the fueling truck and wirelessly transmits collected data to office management, improving customer service, management efficiency, and the ability to accurately track fuel movement. This system is designed to work in tandem with the previously released fuel farm automation system to provide an integrated system of fuel management which drastically reduces human and equipment related error, and provides maximum fuel accountability.

Trolley Based Purge~Air System

Didsbury Engineering has designed a new trolley based Modular variant of their successful Purge~Air system for fuel tank entry. This new variant on the system allows customers to purchase individual modules, reducing the initial cost. Further modules can then be added as required. All Purge~Air systems are designed to ensure safe and fast access into fuel tanks for inspection and maintenance. The basic module provides equipment to drain residual fuel, ventilate tanks and provide a breathing apparatus. Additional modules include a communications kit, lighting and rescue equipment.