Paessler AG Launches New Vertical Focus on Airport Operations for Comprehensive Supervision of Airport Technology

Sept. 1, 2023

Paessler AG, best known for the technology monitoring software Paessler PRTG, has launched a new vertical market focus for airport operations and airlines to monitor and optimize their complex IT, OT and IoT infrastructures to help keep them functioning effectively and efficiently. According to the Federal Aviation Administration's April 2023 Air Traffic by the Numbers report, more than 917 million passengers flew in 2022, which demonstrates why monitoring the varying technologies required to keep operations running smoothly is necessary to create a seamless and safe experience for travelers and to help reduce costs incurred from technology failures.

PRTG monitors technologies in airside operations, landside operations, invoicing and billing, and information management systems by visualizing multiple interconnected devices in one dashboard for high level processes involving multiple areas, rather than segmented views. More specifically, PRTG can monitor the following technologies within airport operations:

  • Airport operational databases
  • Airside operations
    • Airport traffic control towers
    • Aeronautical fixed telecommunications network
    • Ground handling
  • Landside operations
    • Terminal management, including resource management, physical security, maintenance and monitoring
    • Passenger facilitation, including secure extranets, common use services, and baggage handling systems
  • Information management
    • Automatic terminal information service
    • Flight info display systems
    • Public address/voice alarm systems
  • Invoicing and billing
    • Airport traffic control tower billing
    • Non-aeronautical revenue, such as point-of-sale

"The technology used to run airports is only becoming more complex, making it even more critical to have a comprehensive view of your network and everything that connects to it to maintain a safe, functionally efficient and regulatory compliant operations," said David Montoya, global business development manager for IOT at Paessler AG. "Paessler's PRTG gives admins one pane of glass to monitor and detect anomalies before systems go offline and cause delays, costing operations millions of dollars annually. More than 500 airports and airlines worldwide already use PRTG to monitor network services. They are increasing the scope of their projects to support with more savings, better use of resources and reduction of their carbon footprint."