AirVote’s New Release Makes Greater Use of Visual Customer Feedback

Dec. 19, 2022
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A picture is worth a thousand words, and it becomes so much more important when you gather customer feedback in real-time and on the go. For AirVote, it has been the mission to give the customers a simple way of grabbing their in-the-moment vibe about a product or service. Pairing the feedback with the exact location of each unique QR Smiley helps businesses spot service issues or highlights while maintaining an anonymous feedback format. AirVote's new feature encourages customers to snap a picture with their response.

"The ability to take a picture or record audio has been a standard feature since last year, but we noticed that only around two percent of responses would contain a visual," says Dmitri Poukhovski, the company's founder, and CEO. "As we ran a six-week pilot with our new feature, we saw the figure grow to almost 15%!"

This simple enhancement is a game-changer for both customers and businesses. The customers see that the company, airport, or healthcare facility is honestly trying to "be there" through their eyes. It results in less frustration and more helpful responses if the customer reports an issue. For the businesses, the picture affirms the problem, be it a crowded waiting room in a clinic, soggy fries at a restaurant, an empty vending machine, or a restroom running out of toilet paper. For field service companies such as portable sanitation, it offers direct money savings: customer's picture confirming good equipment or facility condition can save them a service trip.