Zamna Takes Off in North America as WestJet Accelerates Passenger Check-In with Technology

June 22, 2022
Zamna’s digital intelligence system to be piloted by WestJet to verify passenger data and travel documents - before airport arrival on select routes.

London-based technology company Zamna is announcing a pilot of its patented digital intelligence system with the Canadian airline WestJet, across select international flight routes between the UK and Canada. 

The pilot program, which will start in July, will initially focus on enhancing the travel documentation verification experience of WestJet guests flying on routes between YYC Calgary International Airport and London Heathrow, and between Toronto Pearson International Airport and London Gatwick. 

The pilot program will:

  • Use Zamna’s highly secure, GDPR and PIPEDA-compliant technology to verify thousands of passengers’ data before they arrive at the airport, allowing WestJet to instantly confirm that the identity and vaccine data provided by each passenger is compliant with all travel regulatory requirements
  • Provide peace of mind and assurance for WestJet guests — before they arrive at the airport — that their travel documentation has been verified and accepted against a live checklist  
  • Improve pre-flight check-in processes by increasing digital efficiencies and promoting a more seamless experience for guests 
  • Remove the need for WestJet guests to provide additional documentation when they arrive at the airport
  • Implement enhancements across WestJet’s primary digital and website solutions, powered by Zamna’s invisible technology

Irra Ariella Khi, CEO of Zamna, explains, “Everyday, airlines must process and verify their passengers’ passports, visas, and health data — and check it against constantly shifting regulatory travel requirements, which differ from destination to destination. WestJet — with their admirable commitment to providing the best possible guest experience — are very much leading the way in North America by leveraging the technology that already exists to solve such problems.

“At Zamna, we believe the very cornerstone of all international travel is the passport – a document recognized across the globe and the standard outlined by the International Civil Aviation Organization. This is why we anchor all traveler data – whether it be identity and visa information, or vaccination status – to the passport. Our technology instantly checks this data against live border and travel requirements, meaning airlines can be ready for no matter what and passengers can arrive at the airport armed with the confidence that they will be able to board their flight with only one document in their hand: a passport.”

With a forward-thinking approach to guest experience, WestJet is leading the way in ensuring their passengers on selected routes are approved and ready to fly before they even reach the airport. 

Natalie Farand, Vice-President, Guest Experience, WestJet adds, “At WestJet, we’re committed to delivering exceptional customer service for the millions of guests we fly every year. We are continuously innovating to deliver a seamless experience for our guests and Zamna’s technology is an avenue we are exploring in this dynamic and evolving travel environment. With Zamna technology powering verification requirements for check-in on select flights between Canada and London UK, our guests will enjoy complete assurance that their travel documents are fully compliant in order to fly.” 

Leveraging the more than 50 million passport verifications already completed in partnership with other global leading airlines, Zamna’s technology works invisibly in the background to prove that a passenger’s passport data is correct and trustworthy. From there, vaccination or visa information previously associated with the passport is unlocked for future use. Zamna’s dynamic digital intelligence toolkit comes with a suite of capabilities that enables global airlines to respond swiftly to a change in regulatory requirements mandated by governments in any destination.

“We’re proud that Zamna has been selected by WestJet – amongst the largest airlines in North America – to pilot the use of our digital intelligence solution to significantly enhance the verification experience of their guests across select routes,” concludes Khi. 

The collaboration between Zamna and WestJet Airlines marks the first example in North America of an invisible digital solution to seamlessly verify traveler data against live travel requirements before arrival at the airport being used across live, commercial international flight routes.