AirVote at Corpus Christi International Airport

May 24, 2022

Corpus Christi International Airport launched the AirVote QR Smiley customer feedback program in August 2021. The system was installed across all Airport’s restroom facilities – a QR smiley inside each stall. Today, it is used daily as a real-time feedback tool. Both the custodial team and the airport management have access to the feedback data. It helps the custodial teams to pinpoint any service needs between the regular hourly restroom checks. The year-over-year reporting is essential to the Airport’s leadership as a measure of success for the upcoming facilities remodeling and upgrade projects. Reporting and the AirVote index also help the team’s training and goal setting. The reports are being reviewed with the custodial teams every month.

“AirVote can be used to the measure the customer experience at every single touchpoint that the customer has: from parking lot to plane," said Tyler Miller, deputy airport director at Corpus Christi International Airport.