Kissimmee Gateway Airport Joins ProDIGIQ’s Portfolio of Airport Clients in Florida

Oct. 5, 2020

Kissimmee Gateway Airport (ISM) is the sixth Florida Airport to procure ProDIGIQ’s aviation software solutions. ISM has selected ProDIGIQ’s Part 139 Airport Self-Inspection Module (139 Module) from the Operations Management System (Santorini), as well as the Lease Management System (Mykonos), to enhance safety and streamline its operations.

As a Part 139 certified airport, ISM sought a system to streamline their daily inspections. With  Santorini’s 139 Module, ISM will have an automated and detailed record-keeping process for FAA compliance. ISM will also have an automated maintenance process to immediately resolve discrepancies which allows for a seamless process from creation to closure of inspections and therefore enhances safety.

As a general aviation airport, ISM also sought a comprehensive lease management system. ProDIGIQ’s Mykonos will simplify all aspects of lease management for ISM, from property management, to tenant tracking, and GASB 87 compliance. ISM will have a centralized system that stores all lease information for Hangars, Parking, Car Rentals, Airlines, Concessions, and Fixed-Base Operators (FBOs). ISM can use ProDIGIQ’s Mykonos for quick retrieval of lease information which allows for forecasting, planning, and reporting to facilitate property management.

With the implementation of ProDIGIQ’s innovative and intuitive solutions, ISM will be able to strengthen its safety practices and increase operational efficiency. As an active member of the Florida Airports Council (FAC), ProDIGIQ looks forward to expanding its service to the aviation community in Florida.