Veovo Wins Swedavia Tender to Provide Automated Revenue Management Across All Airports

June 12, 2020

Veovo on June 11, announced that it has signed a long-term agreement with Swedavia to implement its Revenue Management System.

With Swedavia, managing the busiest airports in Sweden, the deal will assist in automating and centralizing the billing of its key aeronautical revenue streams. It will also provide a platform to fuel sustainable growth. 

Aeronautical revenues are the primary source of income for an airport, and the charges can be complex, based on a range of factors, such as aircraft movement, weight and passenger numbers. Complex operations and the number of systems in use across an airport can frequently result in data inaccuracies and billing delays. For a multi-airport operator like Swedavia, these complexities are even more pronounced.

Veovo’s Revenue Management system will bring new efficiencies to Swedavia´s invoicing processes. By automating the collation, preparation and processing of billing data in real-time, the system will reduce revenue leakage, minimize billing errors and improve the cash cycle time. It will also give greater visibility into vital income-generating streams across all Swedavia’s operations. The system’s charge flexibility will also support Swedavia in building innovative and competitive tariff structures to attract new airlines and incentivize route expansion. 

James Williamson, Veovo CEO, said, “We are delighted that, even at this time of industry upheaval, Swedavia has decided to commit to a long-term partnership with Veovo. Swedavia joins over 70 airports around the world, who are successfully using Veovo Revenue Management to underpin their growth strategies.” 

Veovo Revenue Management accommodates both Single and Multi-Airport organisations. It is available as a stand-alone module or an integrated component of the Veovo Intelligent Airport platform. Other platform components include Flight Management, Resource Management, Guest Engagement, Flow Management and Passenger Predictability. Together, these deliver the insights, smart recommendations and automation needed to ensure an all-round high-performance airport.