Ikusi and ART Sign Anti-Drone Systems Partnership Agreement

March 3, 2020

Ikusi, an integration and engineering services company for digital business transformation, and ART, which specializes in advanced radar technologies, have reached a strategic agreement whereby Ikusi will integrate anti-dron systems using ART's technology.

The objective of both companies is to offer integrated security solutions for the protection of critical infrastructures against diverse threats, among which intrusions and attacks using drones stand out. To this end, Ikusi will contribute its renowned capacity of more than 40 years to carry out integration projects in the airport business. Ikusi has carried out projects in more than 140 airports in 30 countries, serving more than 500 million passengers.

For its part, ART has developed the necessary technology to give rise to integrated solutions capable of detecting, tracking, classifying and intercepting current and emerging air threats. ART's family of anti-drone sensors is distinguished by its 3D radars, which are capable of providing a measure of the flight altitude of targets and have different detection ranges to meet the needs of various applications. ART radars are field-proven and currently operational in a wide range of scenarios.

The sum of Ikusi's integration strengths and ART's state-of-the-art technology will make available to airport environments a proposal for the early detection, classification and interception of heterogeneous threats in the air in complex environments that require the deployment of integrated surveillance systems combining appropriate sensor and interception technologies.