Spanish Plus Ultra Lineas Aereas Entrusts CAMO and OASES Support to FL Technics

May 7, 2018
The system was integrated for maintenance and airworthiness data on three Airbus A340 aircraft.

FL Technics, a global provider of integrated aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul services, has completed a CAMO audit and OASES integration project for a Spanish long-haul carrier Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas. The airline entrusted FL Technics with Airbus A340 fleet’s airworthiness data check, smooth CAMO software integration and training of its engineering team.

“Whether it’s print or digital, it’s no secret that tones of airworthiness-related data comes with a single aircraft, left alone an entire fleet. Making sure that all AD/SB and other related documentation are up-to-date, that all maintenance works are completed on time and, importantly, with as short downtime as possible – that’s a challenge for any CAMO team. The Commsoft’s OASES has proven itself to be the solution to ease the entire process,” shared Kestutis Volungevicius, Head of Engineering and Training at FL Technics.

Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas decided to integrate the continuing airworthiness management system OASES for three long-range, wide-body Airbus A340. The aim of innovating the carrier’s CAMO processes was to centralize all data in one, cloud-based place, improve maintenance planning and optimize both time and financial costs related to scheduled and un-scheduled MRO works.

“We decided to hire a third party for data induction, because we know that it’s crucial to perform data initiation in a correct way from the beginning. That’s why we have been looking for a provider which has wide experience in CAMO services provision in OASES. We have chosen FL Technics, because from the beginning of our relationship they have showed a very high level of professionalism, and their CAMO engineers have been always devoted to complying with all our needs in a duly manner. Needless to say, their proven experience in similar projects was also valuable during the selection process. It allowed us not only to integrate OASES, but also to perform a full revision of existing data. Once the process was concluded we were really confident in the appropriate airworthiness control,” said Aleixandre Schudeck, Technical Director of Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas.

“Some believe that after the successful system installation, all you need to do is just to upload the data. Actually, that’s the easiest part. The tricky part is to make sure that all CAMO-related data is standardized, up-to-date, doesn’t miss any information and so on. This may not seem as a crucial issue, except that it is. One can waste from several months to up to a year while configuring and troubleshooting the data until it actually starts helping you to manage your fleet. Meantime, FL Technics has dozens of aircraft under its CAMO supervision, years of experience with OASES, and all of this enables us to minimize any data-related issues while customizing the system to an airline’s specific needs. Most importantly, our engineers are able to reduce the entire data integration and system check process to just a couple of weeks,” added Kestutis Volungevicius, Head of Engineering and Training at FL Technics.

Following the audit and update of the airline’s CAMO documentation, as well as its integration into OASES, FL Technics engineers have conducted a specialized training for their colleagues at Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas. The training has enabled the carrier’s team to update and otherwise interact with OASES software on a daily basis.

“After completion of the project, I have no doubt that we did the right choice, as any other way would have implied additional time and resources. Since the project was finished, we are operating the software by ourselves. I believe, it was a very enrichening experience for the both sides,” commented Aleixandre Schudeck, Technical Director of Plus Ultra Líneas Aéreas.

Acting as a UK-based Commsoft’s authorized representative, FL Technics supports sales of OASES to new customers across Asia Pacific, MENA and CIS regions. The MRO company also provides system implementation and training services to Commsoft’s users across the globe.

Over 120 aviation organizations across 50+ countries are supported by Commsoft’s OASES. The range of OASES users includes national carriers, 3rd party maintainers, regional carriers, leasing companies, cargo specialists, charter operators and specialist rotable stockists across the USA, Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa and Australasia.