Myrtle Beach Terminal Goes Live With AirIT Solution

April 4, 2013
Myrtle Beach International Airport’s New Terminal Goes Live With AirIT’s Fully Integrated Suite Of Software and Mobile Solutions

April 4, 2013, Orlando, FL – AirIT, the leading provider of innovative information technology products and services to the air transportation industry, announced today that its full suite of industry-leading Operational, Passenger Processing, and Business System tools went live at Myrtle Beach International Airport (MYR) as part of the successful activation of the airport’s stunning new $118 million terminal. The new facility’s technology backbone is built on AirIT’s contemporary virtualization platform. In this implementation, AirIT has provided solutions including the Airport Operational Database (AODB), Resource Management System (RMS), Information Display System (IDS) with flight information, visual paging and advertising capabilities, EASE™ shared-use passenger processing system, Common Use Self Service (CUSS) kiosks, and PROPworks® property and revenue management system. AirIT has also developed and deployed a new fully integrated, tablet-based mobile application to support the airport’s own fuel dispensing operations. In addition to core software solutions, AirIT has implemented numerous interfaces to support the successful operation of the new terminal including a baggage handling system, audio paging, VOIP, fuel access, and flight tracking and weather data interfaces.
Scott Van Moppes, Myrtle Beach International Airport System Manager states, “We worked very diligently with AirIT to ensure that we were supporting the airport’s new facilities with technology that would encourage air service development, maximize efficiency, and provide the best experience for the traveling public. We found that the AirIT product suite was the most fully integrated solution available for an airport. In addition to providing airline shared use for ticket counters and gates, it will also allow us to schedule, track, and bill for all of our resources in one fully integrated platform.”
AirIT CEO, Betros Wakim, who was on site for the terminal activation adds, “The community of Myrtle Beach can certainly be proud of the spectacular new gateway they have built to welcome visitors to this great destination. We are extremely proud to be part of the successful team that worked with the airport to ensure that this facility will deliver a great user experience today and far into the future.”
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