SKYTRAC HFDM Supports Proactive Safety/Maintenance Management at Sequoia Helicopters

February 3, 2016 - Sequoia Helicopters has selected SKYTRAC Helicopter Flight Data Monitoring (HFDM) for its fleet of Bell 212 helicopters. With a focus on Oil & Gas, firefighting and tourism sectors, Sequoia was looking for a solution that could assist them with both proactive safety programs and cost-saving maintenance management.

"We have an extremely experienced crew working in complex environments that involve remote territories and, frequently, heavy work load cycles. SKYTRAC HFDM will help us monitor trends in engine parameters, inadvertent exceedances and other maintenance issues that could impact aircraft performance over time," says Sequoia CEO Ralph Wagner. "For us, it is about demonstrating to our clients that we are passionate about providing safe, reliable and high quality services. We want to minimise the chance of any possible 'lost opportunity' for both Sequoia and our customers. Our clients need to know they'll get the timely response they need because our aircraft are in top shape and ready to go at all times."

The Sequoia SKYTRAC HFDM program is scheduled to take place over three phases. The solution will harvest rich data from the fleet's onboard sensor systems and log in flight activity for post-flight analysis. Real-time notifications will be sent to maintenance support staff based on predetermined values, which will expedite any field support requirements. All data can be retrieved through SKYTRAC's user-friendly SkyWeb software portal with options for mobile alerts. The final phase will incorporate the aircraft's onboard weight scale to capture and relay water-drop positions and volume data for Wildfire Management Agencies.

"Sequoia Helicopters is a long-time SKYTRAC flight following customer and a dedicated service provider. We're proud to help them add this new layer of fleet management to their operations," says SKYTRAC VP Sales Brian O'Flynn.

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