COMING UP: Using Video Technology to Ensure the Health and Safety of Travelers

Jan. 29, 2021

Kevin Tart, key account manager, Milestone and Mark Storek, sales director, southeast, US BriefCam will join Airport Business magazine’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Petrie to discuss the ways intelligent video analytics can be used to streamline airport maintenance and disinfection efforts – and rejuvenate travel in the pandemic-era.

Cleanliness standards have always been high for ensuring the health and safety of travelers, ground staff, and aircrafts, but even more so during the global pandemic. To swiftly and responsibly resume full operations, air travel organizations must find creative ways to streamline maintenance and disinfection efforts, among other critical operational requirements, to maximize both efficiency and traveler experiences. Today, intelligent video analytics plays a critical role in preserving passenger health and safety, while driving optimal guest experiences. This live session will provide insights and a demonstration of intelligent video solutions by BriefCam and Milestone Systems, including:

  • Reporting for data-driven decision-making to enhance guest experiences based on guest traffic flow, behavior, and demographic insights.
  • Detecting & enforcing physical distancing and face mask-wearing, driving efficient contact tracing for confirmed infections, and facilitating proactive usage-based maintenance with real-time and long-term occupancy statistics.

The Importance of Choosing the Right PlatformLooking for ways to adjust to the new normal of COVID-19? When it comes to protecting your company, employees, and customers, video technology provides many of the solutions you need. Selecting an open architecture gives you the flexibility to make quick adjustments to your ever-changing needs. That is a vital advantage when dealing with the unexpected such as the pandemic we face now.

  • Help People Keep a Safe Distance: Enable social distancing by detecting when employees and customers are compromising safety with crowding.
  • Reduce Contact Points and Virus Spread: COVID-19 can survive on surfaces for 72 hours – so the fewer common contact points such as door handles and security gates there are the better.
  • Enable Quick Action When Risks Arise: Being able to trace the movements of infected individuals and those they’ve been in contact with can mean the difference between locking down again or not.

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