2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Patrick Trevino, MBA

Dec. 19, 2023
Executive Vice President, TRAX Analytics

When Patrick Trevino was in his 20s, he and a business partner started a facility management company providing janitorial services to airports in the northeastern United States.

While attending airport conferences, Trevino learned about a janitorial management/smart restroom software from TRAX and was impressed by the software’s simplicity and ease of use.

“We implemented the quality control program powered by TRAX to help our teams measure our janitorial performance and monitor trends,” he said.

In 2019 Trevino left “JCM Business Solutions”, which had grown from 10 to 400 employees, and joined TRAX as the director of business development. Today he serves as executive vice president.

“I have always been passionate when it comes to operations,” he said. “My knowledge of airport operations is what allowed me to create sales strategies that were solution-based vs. product-based. I guess I went from ‘the maintenance guy’ to ‘the restroom guru’ quickly.”

Trevino has been integral in growing the TRAX Analytics’ product line.

He, with the sales and client success teams, listened to clients and worked with the development team to create a quality control program to operate in parallel with the smart restroom technology. That, he said allows TRAX software to be utilized airport-wide to improve the passenger experience.

Trevino offers insight and analysis to improve operations by using the data being collected with TRAX. He said, “Ensuring the airport receives value and a return on its investment is key to my philosophy of providing technology that solves real problems, which I personally experienced many years ago.”