2017 AMT Next Gen Award: Mark Steinbeck

Nov. 21, 2017
President, 34, TRAXXALL Technologies, Montreal, Quebec
What started as a summer job has turned into 15 years. "What has led me to stay in the industry are the people," Steinbeck says. "I enjoy meeting new people and developing relationships with individuals across the sector – operators, vendors, and many others. I always welcome the opportunity to learn about the challenges that they face and take great satisfaction in developing solutions that respond to their needs."
His principal mentor has always been his father, Dennis Steinbeck, who he worked with for 10 years at Avtrak. "He was always there when I needed advice. He is an exceptional leader and motivator. He has a natural ability to work with and lead the people around him. My father and I have different personalities but I continue to draw inspiration from his leadership style."
Steinbeck worked at Avtrak from 2002 until the company was sold to CAMP Systems in 2012. During that time, he spent several years in the customer support and training departments before transitioning into sales. By the end of his time at Avtrak, he was leading the North American sales team. After that, he joined Mayo Aviation, a Part-135 operator in Denver, as director of sales. Then, in 2014, he joined TRAXXALL and returned to the maintenance tracking business. Initially, he ran sales in the Western U.S., and then was promoted to president, in charge of sales and customer support. Since then, TRAXXALL has grown from nine to more than 50 employees.In 2016, Steinbeck was named one of Wings magazine’s “Top 20 Under 40”. This year, he was named to the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) Maintenance Committee. He is a member of NBAA, Westchester Aircraft Maintenance Association, Professional Aviation Maintenance Association, and Colorado Aviation Business Association.He says he has been fortunate to work for organizations that offer paid internships. "This past summer, we had a college student work in TRAXXALL’s sales and marketing department. I greatly appreciate the opportunity to share some of my experiences with young people interested in joining our industry. I strongly believe that sales skills are virtually impossible to teach in an academic environment and that real-life work experience is the best way to develop such talent. Also, I am a strong supporter of the NBAA’s TRACS scholarship program and I’m happy to say that TRAXXALL is a sponsor."
As for the future, Steinbeck says, "I always wanted to run a company that makes a positive contribution to the industry. However, my personality prevents me from becoming complacent. So, today, my goal is to grow and further develop TRAXXALL. We have a great team and I want to continue to expand it. I also want our company to be a great place to work so that our employees can support their families and pursue their dreams. Ultimately, I want TRAXXALL to continue to be an innovator and a developer of solutions that flight departments can count on to boost efficiency and make their lives a little easier."