Pixel Pitch: What Is It? Why Does It Matter?

July 21, 2017

High resolution, high definition, pixel density, pixel pitch etc., etc., – at the end of the day, what do all these terms mean as they relate to your potential digital display? In the following pages, these and other terms will be demystified and placed in the proper context for investigating LED display technology for your particular application or project.Frequently AV professionals ask essentially irrelevant questions when trying to ascertain whether a large-format LED display of a particular dimension will deliver the content clarity and sharpness they require for an application. This is largely as a result of the comfort in using
incumbent LCD technology terminology inherited from earlier generations of resolution parlance. Questions such as: “Are your displays Hi-Def? Are your displays 4K?, Can I run HD content on your display?” This whitepaper explains what these terms really mean and more.

Does the term ‘Pixel Pitch’ make your head spin? Let us explain.