Eugene Airport Selects ProDIGIQ for Gate and Landing Fee Management

Nov. 12, 2020

Eugene Airport (EUG), Oregon’s second largest airport, has selected ProDIGIQ’s state-of-the-art Gate Management System (THERA) and Landing Fee Management System(SKYROS) in addition to the suite of ProDIGIQ’s solutions already implemented at the airport. Upon implementation of the recently procured systems, EUG will have a robust gate assignment process as well as a streamlined revenue tracking process for landing fees.

Currently, EUG does not have a system for gate management, as they let airlines decide gate assignment. When asked why EUG decided to procure a gate management system, Assistant Airport Director, Andrew Martz, expressed, “EUG wants a gate management system as a way to help airlines see when gates are scheduled and available. As we grow, building more gates and terminals, the gate management system will allow the airport to maintain better control of gates and increase efficiencies. ” The landing fee management system will also allow EUG to gain better control and streamline revenue tracking for landing fees charged to aircraft.

The driving factor that led EUG to select ProDIGIQ for gate management and landing fee management was the systems’ intuitiveness. EUG sought systems that were easy to use for operations personnel. EUG wanted something clear and concise for both airport and airline staff to utilize to increase efficiencies. Additionally, Martz shared, “Since we already have a variety of ProDIGIQ’s solutions, the gate management and landing fee management solutions will be easy to plug and play.” Similarly, Airport Director, Cathryn Stephensexpressed, “We are looking forward to swift implementation of ProDIGIQs Gate Management System, adding one more affordable solution in the tool kit of modules we already utilize at EUG.”ProDIGIQ looks forward to expanding our partnership with Eugene Airport.