Skidata Set to Transform the Parking Experience at Mineta San Jose International Airport with the Addition of State-of-the-Art Parking Technology

July 31, 2020

Skidata is about to transform the parking experience at Mineta San Jose International Airport (SJC) with the addition of  parking technology. The new frictionless parking suite will use an advanced parking access & revenue control system (PARCS), License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology, and other parking management tools to allow travelers to enter parking facilities without stopping to pull a ticket, and exit without stopping to pay.

“SJC was looking to improve their operation and make the parking experience not only more user-friendly, but also more efficient and effective to operate,” said Kevin Austin, director of business development, Northern California for  Skidata.  “We were able to work with airport executives to design a solution that  will make parking at the airport much more convenient, while dramatically improving parking operations, both immediately and for years to come,”

“We are continuously looking for ways to enhance passengers’ experience by investing in new technology at Silicon Valley’s airport,” said SJC’s Operations Deputy Director Bob Lockhart. “By investing in  Skidata’s new frictionless parking suite, this will provide another contactless parking option for passengers.”

SJC’s new frictionless parking suite includes Skidata’s Power.Gate system. The Power.Gates will be outfitted with License Plate Recognition (LPR) technology and all peripherals (Barcode Readers, HID, AVI, Intercom, Lighted Barrier Arms) in a total of 45 lanes. The new technology suite will provide easy touch free access to all parking levels for frequent and occasional travelers. The system will also include 15 SKiosk Smart Parking credit card machines and a number of  Skidata Sweb Services, including Control, Validate, Reports, and a new Wayfinding Package that will include all new signs from McCain.

For improved management, the new system will feature a fully integrated “Command Center” offering unprecedented oversight capability to managers and operators, allowing them to observe and manage the entire system from a single command point.  The system will also be integrated with SJC’s existing Transcore AVI (automatic vehicle identification) system and with Chauntry’s Parkspace reservations platform. The project is scheduled to go live by December.