Basil Street Debuts Automated Pizza Kitchens in San Antonio International Airport

Dec. 1, 2021
San Antonio International Airport marks the first airport location for the pizza technology company in Partnership with Prepango, an automated retail operator in airports nationwide.

As part of its 2021 nationwide rollout, Starting today, Basil Street Pizza is unveiling a pair of automated pizza kitchens (APKs) in San Antonio International Airport located in the food courts of Terminal A and Terminal B.. The launch of Basil Street’s San Antonio outposts marks the pizza company’s first airport placement as part of its partnership with Prepango, an automated retail operator specializing in securing contracts for automated retail, food and beverage in airports.

“There is no better location where the need for a hot, fresh, convenient option for quality food is coveted than at an airport, while travelers are waiting to board a flight or rushing from gate-to-gate,” said Deglin Kenealy, CEO of Basil Street. “Prepango shares that vision and we are confident this first placement in San Antonio is just the start of what will be a rapid expansion of our machines in airports leveraging Prepango’s vast airport network throughout the U.S.”

Basil Street’s vision has always been bringing its automated pizza technology to locations where customer interest and demand are most elevated. Basil Street already has APKs in university, entertainment, manufacturing and business settings and is now turning its attention to airports. The Basil Street APKs in San Antonio International Airport will be located in the food courts in Terminal A and B and will offer an array of convenient pizza meal solutions for travelers no matter the time constraints between flights.

“We are thrilled to be the first airport in the world to offer a Basil Street automated pizza kitchen to our travelers. Pizza lovers will definitely be drawn to this new innovative concept. Fresh pizza will now be available to our travelers anytime day or night in both terminals,“ said Jesus H. Saenz, Jr., director of airports, San Antonio Airport System. “Our team has worked extensively to bring new convenient food options to the airport and this partnership with Basil Street is perfect for our hungry travelers.”

Through Prepango’s partnership, Basil Street is primed to launch additional APKs across the country through the utilization of Prepango’s expertise and extensive relationships with airports from coast to coast. Prepango’s strong focus on customer service with the mission to exceed customer expectation, which aligns with Basil Street’s key brand attributes, was one of the primary reasons for establishing the partnership.

"Basil Street’s innovative APK retail solution is exactly what our customers are looking for,” said Marcos Modiano, founder and head of Development for Prepango."We prefer to partner with companies whose machines are National Sanitation Foundation (NSF) and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certified and only Basil Street APKs meet that standard when it comes to customer safety for automated pizza. Already, we have seen strong interest from our airport partners inquiring about Basil Street APKs and looking to install a unit in their terminals to further provide another quality food option to their passengers at a time when service and opening hours fluctuates so drastically due to the ongoing labor shortage.”

Keeping quality and convenience as forefront values, Basil Street’s kiosks feature three 10-inch Italian style, thin-crust pizza offerings: four-cheese, pepperoni, and a “Pizza of the Month,” selling between $12.95-$14.95.  All of Basil Street’s pizzas are made with the freshest ingredients and then flash-frozen, to preserve the flavor and freshness, before being cooked-to-order in about three minutes. The cooking process utilizes their patented three-element non-microwave speed oven. The combination of the revolutionary oven technology and pizza quality creates a finished product that rivals an elevated pizzeria. Basil Street has figured out how to deliver a brick-oven pizza experience in a fraction of the time.