Marshall Retail Group Unveils Gotham News at LaGuardia' Terminal B

Aug. 6, 2020

Marshall Retail Group (MRG) announced the opening of Gotham News Aug. 6, at LaGuardia Airport’s (LGA) Terminal B in the newly opened Western Concourse.   

“Gotham News surpasses the traditional newsstand concept on multiple levels by enhancing the overall social experience with the New York community,” said Michael C. Wilkins, chief executive officer of Marshall Retail Group. “Marshall Retail Group is thrilled to connect travelers and locals at LGA to the heart, spirit, and ingenuity of New Yorkers in a cosmopolitan shopping environment.”

Developed exclusively for LGA passengers, Marshall Retail Group’s Gotham News offers travelers an engaging news experience and an eclectic mix of locally made products, snacks, and travel essentials sourced from surrounding neighborhoods. Featured local brands include Brooklyn Roasting Company, Hal’s Seltzer Water and Chips, Coney Island Popcorn, Bobbie Sue’s Nuts, Astor Chocolates, and more.

“We’re thrilled to be opening the first half of the Western Concourse of Terminal B, as we complete another phase in the overall redevelopment project,” said Stewart Steeves, chief executive officer of LaGuardia Gateway Partners. “Marshall Retail Group’s Gotham News in the new concourse goes beyond the traditional newsstand and will provide passengers with an exciting variety of offerings, ensuring that guests are equipped with everything they need as they travel to their final destinations. We’re grateful for their continued partnership throughout this project.”

Additionally, travelers will be inspired by internationally renowned graffiti artist Jonathan "Meres One" Cohen’s custom installation, “A Queens Tribute”, located on the rear exterior wall of the Gotham News space. The detailed 3-letter creation, “LGA,” paying homage to historical New York landmarks stands nearly 8-feet-tall and welcomes arriving passengers onto LaGuardia’s tarmac through the soaring floor to ceiling windows, well-lit at night.

“To a graffiti writer every wall or piece is a page of a diary, so this is truly an intimate journey from my childhood to adulthood with Queens as a backdrop,” said Jonathan "Meres One" Cohen. “I hope that arriving travelers will want to explore, while natives stand proud and smile contemplating the visual wealth in Queens. In both cases it is an invitation to explore.”

Meres One’s extraordinary work of art highlights the history of New York in each letter of the LGA installation. The “L” contains the New York Pavilion from the 1964 World's Fair held in Flushing Meadows Park, close to LaGuardia Airport. The “G” features the iconic Queens subway line, the 7 train; Silvercup Studios; and the 5 and Star logos for 5Pointz, created by Meres One in 2002. Lastly, the “A” emphasizes the Unisphere from the 1964 World’s Fair, Shea Stadium, and the 59th Street Bridge. The first-of-its-kind artwork gives Gotham News visitors the opportunity to celebrate New York’s rich cultural diversity further elevating the traveler’s shopping experience.