Marshall Retail Group Opens Departure in New Harvey Milk Terminal 1 at SFO

July 1, 2020

Marshall Retail Group (MRG) announces the opening of DepARTures, an all-new, art-immersed retail store on July 1, at San Francisco International Airport’s (SFO) Harvey Milk Terminal 1.

“Marshall Retail Group delivers a distinctive airport experience in an authentic environment that echoes San Francisco’s dynamic spirit,” said Michael C. Wilkins, chief executive officer of Marshall Retail Group. “DepARTure’s engaging store design creates a unique retail experience for travelers, reflecting not only the airport’s aesthetic, but also the heartbeat of the City by the Bay.”

Developed exclusively for SFO passengers, DepARTures replicates the character and mood of the local art community by blending artisan merchandise sourced from San Francisco neighborhoods with newsstand necessities and new technology to celebrate the modern romance of travel.

Featuring a thoughtful selection of travel-friendly gifts and essentials, visitors and locals alike will have the luxury of shopping for branded and licensed merchandise from San Francisco sports teams, as well as electronic accessories, popular snacks, souvenirs, and locally-sourced artisan confections from Woodhouse Chocolates, Bakeology Cookie Bites, Siren Snacks Protein Bites and more.

Additionally, SFO travelers will be inspired by artist Amy Foster’s evocative depictions of local San Francisco cityscapes. Paying homage to the city’s thriving art scene and entrepreneurial spirit, DepARTures allows visitors the opportunity to experience the city firsthand further enhancing the traveler’s shopping experience.