Serdtse Moskovii Pharmacy Opens at Domodedovo Airport

June 18, 2020

Serdtse Moskovii Pharmacy has opened a new location at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. The store is situated on the second floor of the terminal building, next to a bank and a post office.

The location is the tenth store of Serdtse Moskovii Pharmacy. It offers facemasks, gloves, and disinfectants, which are in high demand now. Moreover, they have a selection of medications at an affordable price. A pharmacist is always on-site to provide medical advice around the clock.

There are two pharmacies at Domodedovo. The second one is located in the left wing of the building, near a chapel and a beauty salon.

Moscow Domodedovo employs digital displays and announcements to provide passengers with information on protective measures against COVID-19. The airport has put posters in departure and arrival halls, installed hand sanitizing stations. The audio messages are played every 15 minutes. Domodedovo has also introduced temperature checks at an entry. The terminal has special markings to ensure a distance of 1.5 meters. Airport guests are supposed to wear facemasks and gloves.