Delaware North Announces Leadership Change

Aug. 20, 2019

Jim Houser, Delaware North executive vice president and chief operating officer issued the following statement Aug. 20:

Delaware North today announced a leadership change for its travel division, which operates in 20 airports in the United States. Scott Socha, president of our parks and resorts business, has been named interim leader and will assist me in overseeing the division’s operations in the short term. Kevin Kelly, division president, has left Delaware North. We thank Kevin for his work and dedication to Delaware North over many years, including with the travel division and also as president of our parks and resorts division. During both of these leadership assignments, Delaware North added many new clients and extended several key operating contracts. We are confident that the depth of talent and leadership within our travel division and represented by our teams of dedicated associates all across Delaware North will ensure the effective operation of our airport business, the delight of our customers and the loyalty of our clients during this transition. Please let me know that you received.