2023 Airport Business Top 40 Under 40: Douglas Horan

Dec. 19, 2023
Senior Director, Investments, URW Airports

Douglas Horan, Senior Director, Investments, URW Airports, finds passion in challenging the status quo in airport programs. He understands the future of travel not only looks and feels differently but it has a different makeup of investor partners.

“Innovation will continuously drive change in airports and the different touchpoints along the journey,” he said. “Understanding that, I’d expect different business models and a new landscape of partners to continuously support that change in all facets – from simple leases to delivering major airport developments. We’re thinking a lot more creatively as we look at our current and new commercial programs.”

The partnerships Horan is developing go beyond investors. He is seeking different types of products, brands, and innovations by piloting and testing new startups. Ultimately, he is looking for products and services that help improve a passenger’s experience or attract a traveler to an operator’s space.

“In a few of our programs,” he said, “we’re highly focused on driving and enhancing the digital marketplace. I’d still consider it at an early stage as the passenger adapts to the opportunities to place orders and navigate an airport digitally. 

“We also have recently partnered with Plug and Play based in Silicon Valley. They are a global innovation platform that will connect us with some of the best startups globally to pilot new products and services.”

Horan said he is proud when someone outside of the airport industry compliments an airport or terminal that URW plays a part in – and, he added, “that can’t happen without strong partnerships and teams.”