NATA Responds to FAA Public Charter Announcement

June 20, 2024

 “NATA appreciates that the FAA is engaging in a rulemaking process and we are encouraged that the Agency wants to hear from different industry sectors to better understand other changes that enhance access to air transportation. We expect the rulemaking process will provide time for the FAA and all interested parties to fully understand the historical record from the DOT and FAA, as well as the safety record of public charter operators to base any changes on accurate data rather than competitive issues. Public charter is a longstanding economic authority granted by the DOT that has existed for over 40 years. Despite the frequent use of the term "loophole," the record supports that public charter operators were always able to utilize the services of any licensed carrier including on-demand operators. NATA looks forward to learning more about the FAA’s Safety Risk Management Panel and how the Agency will engage industry in that process,” stated NATA President and CEO Curt Castagna.

“Part 135 operators provide valuable, safe, and secure services across the nation, offering transportation solutions and driving economic development in countless communities that are not serviced by the commercial airlines. The part 135 industry also serves as a workforce development pipeline for experienced pilots and skilled aircraft mechanics critical to the continued safety, efficiency, and growth of our nation’s commercial aviation sector. NATA is committed to safeguarding the part 135 regulatory environment from regulatory changes – intended or unintended – that would jeopardize the safety or success of aviation businesses,” added Castagna.