Vaughn College to Join Atlas Air’s University Pipeline Program

May 5, 2023

Atlas Air, Inc., a subsidiary of Atlas Air Worldwide Holdings, Inc. has announced that Vaughn College has joined its University Pipeline Program for high demand roles within Atlas Air. Through the program, Atlas Air will recruit, train and hire qualified graduates of Vaughn College.

“Vaughn College has long been a strong partner for Atlas Air and we are fortunate to count hundreds of Vaughn graduates among our employees,” said Patricia Goodwin-Peters, Senior Vice President, Human Resources for Atlas Air Worldwide. “We are excited to officially partner with Vaughn College through our University Aviation Pipeline Program.”

Vaughn College and Atlas Air also share a common commitment to diversity. Vaughn serves a diverse student body of about 1,300 students who are 80% minority, consisting mostly of first-generation Americans and first-generation college students.

Placing Graduates in High-demand Positions

This program is designed to grow Atlas Air’s pipeline of qualified applicants for employment in high-demand positions and to increase employment opportunities for Vaughn College graduates.

“Vaughn is so pleased to deepen our partnership with Atlas Air and provide an expanded pipeline of talented, diverse graduates who want to contribute to the company’s success,” said Dr. Sharon DeVivo, President and Chief Executive Officer. “This is another example of Atlas’ commitment to developing, hiring and promoting aviation professionals and investing in our students – the next generation that will change the world.”

 Program Criteria

 Candidates for the pipeline program must:

  • Maintain a 3.0 average
  • Not have any background check disqualifications
  • Submit an application, resume and introduction detailing their aviation journey and career aspirations and continue to update resume and total time (if applicable).
  • Submit a Letter of recommendation from a Professor from the specific industry affiliated program

 Pilot Pathway to Success Program

Graduates selected to take part in the Atlas Air Pathway to Success program will be granted preferential interviews with Atlas Air. To be considered, candidates must meet these and other criteria:

  • No more than 2 training failures on required ratings (excluding private pilot)
  • First Class medical certificate
  • Serve as a CFI for Heritage Flight Academy or other Vaughn-affiliated 141 flight training school
  • Letter of recommendation from a Flight Instructor and Professor from the Aircraft Operations (Flight) program
  • Graduate with academic experience required for Restricted Airline Transport Pilot (R-ATP)
  • Reach R-ATP eligibility and required minimum flying experience within two years of graduation
  • Candidate must not be part of any other airline pathway or cadet program after signing the offer letter with Atlas

For complete details, and to determine eligibility, Vaughn College students should contact Ron Ruggeri, Acting Aviation Coordinator for the Aviation Department and Instructor, Aviation Department.