La Compagnie Earns IOSA Certification from the International Air Transport Association

May 18, 2022

La Compagnie, a French 100% smart business-class airline, is proud to announce its IOSA certification (Operational Safety Audit), recently issued by the IATA (International Air Transport Association). This certification, valid for two years, enables the airline to publicly affirm the compliance of its operation in terms of safety.

The IOSA certification came into effect in 2001 to respond to problems of redundant audits within the airline industry across its various areas. It regroups close to 1,200 standards that include OACI, FAA and JAA regulations; standards that have been verified and approved by companies and their supervisory authority. The IOSA program’s management by the IATA has itself acquired the ISO 9001:2000 certification. These norms are constantly updated to reflect regulatory revisions and best practices.

La Compagnie has been assessed on the eight most important aspects linked to safety of airline operations:

- Organization and management system

- Flight operations

- Operational control and flight dispatch – flight regulation

- Aircraft engineering and maintenance (security and maintenance procedures)

- Cabin operations (maintenance of crew)

- Ground handling operations

- Cargo operations

- Security management (monitoring of safety standards within the airline)

A successful audit leads to the possibility for agreements with new airlines, to share common safety standards and have more operational efficiency.

Christian Vernet, La Compagnie president, said, "We are proud to have successfully completed this intricate audit. The quality and rigorous safety of our operations, which are of course our main priority, are now recognized on a global scale. With this certification, we reach a new milestone in La Compagnie’s development, opening us up to strategic opportunities and potential agreements with other airlines.”