Frontier Airlines Takes Safety to a Whole New Level with ProDIGIQ

Aug. 5, 2020

Frontier Airlines has successfully implemented leading aviation technology company, ProDIGIQ’s, state-of-the-art Safety, Quality and Audit Management System. Frontier, an ultra-low-cost carrier and one of the top 10 largest commercial airlines in the U.S., is now equipped with ProDIGIQ’s advanced solution, enabling it to streamline its operation and take its safety, quality and audit management practices to the next level.

Frontier can now access all relevant information in a central location with ProDIGIQ’s safety, quality and audit platform. This centralized system eliminates the need for numerous disparate systems by addressing Frontier’s needs in one, holistic, user-friendly solution. This consolidation of resources significantly enhances Frontier’s safety, quality and audit management practices, operational efficiency, and overall organizational transparency. During Frontier’s competitive Request for Proposals (RFP) Process, it took into consideration these various benefits as key factors, leading to the selection of ProDIGIQ as the successful vendor.

As Frontier’s driving philosophy states, Frontier is committed to delivering “Low Fares Done Right.” Frontier is further dedicated to fulfilling its “Done Right” commitment by “providing safe, on-time and reliable service while at the same time treating you with Rocky Mountain hospitality like only we can provide.” With the implementation of ProDIGIQ’s system, Frontier looks to uphold its philosophy by strengthening its safety, quality and audit operations.