ProDIGIQ Successfully Implements Innovative Safety & Audit Management System for Sun Country Airlines

June 9, 2020

ProDIGIQ Inc., successfully implemented its state-of-the-art Safety and Audit Management System at Sun Country Airlines (Sun Country). Sun Country, a US based low cost carrier with the eleventh largest passenger count, will now have access to Modules within ProDIGIQ's Safety and Audit solution which will allow Sun Country to further enhance its operations, improving employee and passenger safety.   

By switching to ProDIGIQ’s platform, Sun Country will centralize and significantly upgrade its safety and  audit systems. ProDIGIQ’s solution will replace various disparate systems and will provide Sun Country with one intuitive solution that manages its entire safety and audit programs. This consolidation along with the new platform’s intuitive design will bring many benefits including streamlining of processes and closing gaps in communication.   

As Sun Country's mission states "One passion guides every Sun Country employee and every flight — to  safely and effectively help people connect with each other, to create memories that matter." With implementation of ProDIGIQ’s Safety and Quality Management System, Sun Country looks to uphold its  

mission by strengthening its safety and audit operations.