Lufthansa Converts Passenger Aircraft to Transport Necessary Supplies to Germany

April 30, 2020

Lufthansa continues to transport necessary protective equipment to Germany throughout the COIVD-19 crisis.The above image displays the inside of the airline’s Airbus A350 passenger aircraft that has been converted to fly essential cargo supplies. Lufthansa is currently operating two daily flights carrying much-needed items from China to Munich Airport in Germany.

Under normal circumstances, Lufthansa's A350 fleet carries passengers to intercontinental destinations in North and South America,and in Asia.Now, these special,daily cargo flights from Peking and Shanghai are stocked with masks urgently needed in the Bavarian capital.

Lufthansa is operating the cargo flights to Munich with four Airbus A350 passenger aircraft and is flying similar missions with six Airbus A330 planes based in Frankfurt. With these ten passenger airliners, Lufthansa has created additional airfreight capacity and expanded the Lufthansa Cargo fleet, which has 17 freight-only aircraft. The daily cargo flights with the passenger jets are expected to continue at least until mid-May.