John Wayne Airport Welcomes New Fuel-Efficient, Quieter Aircraft

Oct. 1, 2019
Delta Replacing B717-200 with Airbus A220-100.

Beginning Oct. 1, Delta Air Lines will fly the fuel-efficient, quieter Airbus A220-100 aircraft on its five daily nonstops between John Wayne Airport (JWA) and Salt Lake City. In addition to improved fuel efficiency, the A220-100 has a higher climb rate and a quieter engine than the B717-200 aircraft it replaces.

“The state-of-the-art A220 aircraft incorporates the latest in commercial aviation technology,” stated Orange County Board of Supervisors Vice Chair Michelle Steel. “The combination of increased fuel-efficiency, a quieter engine, and a higher climb rate, achieving higher altitudes more quickly, is good news for John Wayne Airport and Orange County residents.”

Previously known as the Bombardier C-Series, the A220 has earned praise for its advanced, turbofan engines and exceptional fuel efficiency. During its first flights at JWA, the Delta Air Lines A220-100 measured +5.0 to +8.0 dB lower than acceptable noise limits at some Airport noise monitoring stations.

Described as a modern regional jet, the Delta Air Lines A220-100 is configured for 109 seats, with large windows, roomier seats and spacious overhead compartments.