Flight Safety Foundation, IATA Renew Partnership to Enhance Global Aviation Safety

April 3, 2019

Flight Safety Foundation announced a renewed and focused agreement with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to enhance global safety, emphasizing a data-driven approach to safety, the future aviation workforce and human factors. Additionally, IATA, which represents more than 290 airlines worldwide, has become a Foundation Benefactor member. IATA joins the elite group of Foundation Benefactors who help shape the Foundation’s strategy as partners in our mission to connect, influence and lead global aviation safety. 

“The Foundation has a 70-year legacy, with a singular mission to promote and influence aviation safety around the world,” said Gilberto Lopez Meyer, senior vice president, Safety and Flight Operations at IATA. “We are pleased to elevate our membership in the Foundation to industry leader status as a Benefactor to contribute more fully to global aviation safety through a deeper, stronger involvement in driving aviation efforts within the industry and providing leadership for the future direction of global aviation safety.”

“We are very fortunate to refocus our joint efforts with IATA to address the emerging safety issues globally,” said Dr. Hassan Shahidi, president and CEO of Flight Safety Foundation. “The global aviation industry will benefit from increased cooperation and greater engagement between the Foundation and IATA, and from a pooling of expertise and data analysis that will enable more effective risk identification and mitigation.” 

IATA’s Benefactor status also will enable the two organizations to more closely align their safety goals and strategies, identify gaps in ongoing research and mitigation efforts, and identify synergies of activities. In the near term, the Foundation and IATA will be developing a set of joint activities and strategies to advance several emerging safety areas around the world.