APiJET Announces Proven Partner Program

Nov. 18, 2018
Program partners work with APiJET to help airline customers operate more efficiently, leading to reduced operational costs.

SEATTLE, Wash. – APiJET, the industry leader in real-time, on-board, automated data analytics announced the APiJET Proven Partner Program. Program partners work with APiJET to help airline customers operate more efficiently, leading to reduced operational costs. 

“Airlines have shown great interest in learning how we can help streamline their operations,” says Tom Gibbons, APiJET interim CEO.  

APiJET offers improved operational efficiency through its Smart Aircraft™ System. It supports smart flight and ground operations as well as line and heavy maintenance in real-time, anywhere in the world. Launch customer, Icelandair, has fully deployed APiJET’s analytics service across its entire fleet of Boeing aircraft.

APiJET Proven Partners deliver onboard hardware, inflight connectivity, software applications and sensors that operate on aircraft. The program ensures that all their products and services work well together so airline customers can effectively deploy the APiJET Smart Aircraft system.

“Airlines have asked about solutions that integrate well with our system,” Gibbons says. “In response, we created the APiJET Proven Partner Program. Now airlines can easily identify the providers we work with regularly, and it underscores their commitment to helping airlines operate more efficiently and cost effectively.” 

There are four categories for APiJET’s Proven Partners: onboard hardware (Astronics Ballard Technology, The SA Group); software applications and sensors (IWS Inflight Warning Systems, PACE GmbH – a TXT company, VisionMonitor); connectivity (Global Eagle); and consultants and software vendors. Providers wishing to learn more about the program and how to participate are invited to visit http://apijet.com/proven-partner-program/

“VisionMonitor is pleased to be part of the APiJET Proven Partner program,” says Torgeir Mantor, CEO of VisionMonitor, a leader in performance-management solutions designed to promote safety intelligence. “By utilizing the data feed from the APiJET Smart Aircraft system, we are able to analyze aircraft data during and post flight, giving our customers insight into the operation and health of their aircraft.” 

Members of APiJET’s leadership and software team are attending the Electronic Flight Bag Users Forum November 13-15 in London. Visit them at Stand 29. APiJET is sponsoring the Thursday Afternoon Break at the forum.