Interjet Unveils First Ad Campaign in U.S. and Canada 'Inspiration to Travel'

Sept. 25, 2018

Interjet unveiled Sept. 25, its inaugural advertising campaign for the U.S. and Canada titled, “Inspiration to Travel”. The new campaign is designed to set Interjet apart from other Mexican and international airlines flying to and from Mexico by promoting the true differentiators between Interjet and these carriers – not just lower fares but added features and benefits Interjet provides that the other airlines don’t.

“With Interjet, we’re giving the traveling public the inspiration to fly again,” said José Luis Garza, Interjet’s general director. “We understand what travelers are looking for in an airline partner – not just lower fares, but everything they used to get for the price of a ticket, such as free checked bags, seat selection, free beverages and snacks onboard, even the ability to pay by credit card,” Garza added, “And we’re offering even more, including business class legroom with every seat, a guaranteed seat on the flight booked, free drinks in addition to snacks and beverages, senior discounts on every flight and even female only lavatories, all delivered with an exceptional flying experience,” he said.

“We are very excited about our new campaign,” said Julio Gamero, Interjet’s chief commercial officer. “Creatively, we’re doing something very different than you see in the category and instead of showing airplanes, using imagery that connects with the reader’s interpretation of everyday life in a fresh, intelligent way that resonates with the essence of the Interjet flying experience,” he added.