Interjet Airlines Announces Strategic Growth Plan for 2021

Sept. 14, 2018

Interjet Airlines  has announced a new, accelerated three-year plan providing for significant investment in several areas of their business to ensure future growth and profitability, domestically and internationally. The plan is called INTERJET 2021, FOCUS ON THE FUTURE.

“Through August 2018, Interjet has experienced positive results fueled by a 38.7 percent growth in our international business, a robust 12.6 percent increase in passenger count while our domestic business increased 5.6 percent for the same period,” said José Luis Garza, Interjet’s chief executive officer. “But to continue to grow our business and profitability, we need to always be looking at new and better ways to do business. To that end, we are embarking on a strategic initiative that includes five key pillars: FOCUS ON THE COMPANY, an internal review of what we do, how we do it, how we’re doing and what we can do better. A FOCUS ON THE PRODUCT, a review of our product offering with significant upgrades, and a FOCUS ON THE FLEET, a re-equipment of the fleet and reconditioning of existing aircraft to ensure future market needs are met. We will also make investments in several strategic areas of the business as we FOCUS ON THE BRAND and FOCUS ON THE CUSTOMER,” he added.

According to Garza, the last few months have been spent focusing on the company – meeting with employees and the airline’s travel partners in Mexico, the U.S., Canada, Central and South America. The airline also commissioned marketing research to better understand customers and prospects.

“Two things have stood out from these conversations,” said Garza. “The airline industry has never been as competitive as it is today, while at the same time, there has never been a better opportunity for Interjet to succeed and prosper. We can achieve this because Interjet understands what travelers are looking for in an airline partner - not just lower fares but added features and benefits that Interjet provides,” he added. “This includes business class legroom with every seat, bags fly free, a guaranteed seat on the flight booked, free drinks, snacks and beverages, senior discounts on every flight and even female only lavatories, all delivered with an exceptional flying experience,” Garza said.

“These are true differentiators between Interjet and any other airline and are the nucleus for what Interjet calls its ‘Value Proposition’,” said Julio Gamero, Interjet’s chief commercial officer. “This has resulted in Interjet becoming one of the fastest growing airlines on the continent with more than 87 million passengers having experienced our unique brand of unmatched service everywhere we fly. However, many opportunities still exist in the market, and we are excited about how our business is