OMA Reports an 11.4% Increase in February Passenger Traffic

March 8, 2016

Mexican airport operator Grupo Aeroportuario del Centro Norte, S.A.B. de C.V. (OMA) reports that terminal passenger traffic at its 13 airports increased 11.4 percent in February, as compared to February 2015. Domestic traffic increased 12.9 percent, and international traffic increased 4.5 percent. The operational result benefitted from the additional day in February, as a result of the leap year.

Of total February traffic, 97.6 percent was commercial aviation and 2.4 percent was general aviation.

Domestic traffic increased in eleven airports in February. The most noteworthy increases were in Monterrey (+7.5 percent; +35,231 passengers), Culiacán (+26.1 percent; +24,406), Ciudad Juárez (+34.7 percent; +19,354), and Chihuahua (+28.5 percent; +17,829). Monterrey traffic increased principally because of higher traffic volumes on the Mexico City, Tijuana, and Cancún routes.  Culiacán traffic increased as a result of increased traffic on the Tijuana route.  Ciudad Juárez traffic increased because of higher volumes on the Mexico City and Monterrey routes.  Chihuahua traffic increased on its Mexico City route. 

International traffic also increased in eleven airports in February. Traffic increased most significantly in Acapulco (+40.8 percent; +3,275 passengers) and Durango (+124.7 percent; +1,279).  Acapulco traffic increased largely as a result of higher volumes on the Houston, London, and Frankfurt routes.  Durango traffic increased as a result of higher volumes on its Chicago route.

The number of flight operations (takeoffs and landings) in February increased 7.7 percent. The number of domestic operations increased 8.2 percent, and international operations increased 4.6 percent.

In addition, OMA is providing revised January traffic information.   Total passenger traffic in January was 1,333,366, up 9,542 from the data originally published.   Total passenger traffic growth in January was a revised 8.5 percent, as compared to the 7.8 percent originally published.