200 Mechanics To Join SAS Airline Strike in Denmark

July 6, 2022

Copenhagen — 200 aeroplane mechanics will join the pilots' strike of the Danish airline SAS on Thursday, the Dansk Metal union announced.

During the strike, the mechanics will not service any planes. SAS told Danish television on Wednesday that the company will try and get their planes serviced in other countries.

"It is clear, however, that this will hurt us regarding the planes that are currently on the ground and in need of regular maintenance," a spokesperson for SAS told Danish broadcaster DR.

"When the pilots come back, we won't be able to take off with these planes immediately," the spokesperson added.

The pilots' strike on Wednesday in Copenhagen grounded 34 of 100 flights by SAS. Overall, the strike, which began after failed pay negotiations, is affecting 30,000 passengers a day, according to SAS figures.

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