How We Gonna Cope?

Feb. 19, 2020

Never before has there been such wonder about the future of aviation.

The airlines are predicted to grow like wildfire.

In the meantime, the coronavirus (there’s a new name—but I don’t like it) has really cut into airline usage. Parked airplanes don’t make money for airlines or airports.

And passengers are still causing problems (kinda reminds me of that old, old saying—this would be a better place to work if it wasn’t for all the damned customers).

You probably saw it in the news. A lady tilted the back of her seat, the man in the rear seat didn’t like it, so he pounded on the back of her seat (she has a video), and she is threatening to sue him.

Hey, the airlines made it possible for pax to lean seat backs into the other person’s space. It has been my experience that most pax do not tilt their seat back unless the seat behind them is unoccupied. That worked pretty well in the old days, but today there are very few—if any—vacant seats at all.

Should the airlines quit using seats that lean back? That would suit me fine and save the airlines a lot of money.

Update on service animals: Just this week I saw a video of a service horse on an airplane! It was a small horse, but still far bigger than any service dog.

BTW, will drones really replace taxis and private autos?

How will your airport adapt?

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