Amtrak Safe? Bah, Humbug!

Feb. 7, 2018

Funny, but some of my friends will not ride on airlines at all — but do ride trains.

You reckon they have been reading their newspapers? I suggest that they might consider that trains have killed many more people than airlines recently. Airlines last year had no fatalities. Trains killed several (I’ve tried to determine how many, but danged if they report it clearly enough for me to figure it out).

The guvmint-run Amtrak is, in my opinion, a downright unsafe way to travel.

At least that seems to be the truth since the guvmint — in its infinite wisdom — took over passenger trains because private industry wanted nothing to do with them.

I have long believed that if business can’t make a profit in a certain industry, then the guvmint sure can’t do it either.

One example of that: The guvmint took over providing insurance for buildings in flood zones. Why? No profit in it. Could the guvmint make a profit with their insurance company? Hey, it seems that they didn’t even have an insurance company. They didn’t follow rules required for real insurance companies; they just promised to pay if there was flood damage. Yes, they charged what they called premiums, but a high school dropout on opioids coulda figured out that those so-called “premiums” were too low to break even.

So how did the guvmint pay off the claims when heavy storms came through? Simple—they borrowed money from our guvmint to pay the claims!

Read the papers. Amtrak is catching hell, and it’s about time.

Airlines, OTOH, look like a diamond in a slop jar.

Meanwhile: The SpaceX Falcon Heavy rocket was launched five minutes before we sent this blog to Airport Business! Thanks, Elon Musk!