What Did They Say?

July 6, 2016

I can’t figure this one out at all…

I heard it on National Public Radio (NPR) within — I believe — the last week to 10 days before this blog was posted. NPR’s not normally a wild and woolly broadcaster, but what I heard has me as confused as a man in the ladies room at a symphony concert.

NPR said that the “category” of airlines and cargo ships needs to clean up its environmental act and become more efficient. Uh, now listen up, y’all. Since when do airlines and ships — just those two — make up a category?

They mentioned that both of those two need to find better engines. Where have they been and what have they been smoking? Engine manufacturers such as GE, Pratt & Whitney, et al have made large improvements and haven’t stopped yet. Airframes likewise.

Also, air frames have become miraculously more efficient in every imaginable way. Those winglets on the end of the wing, for just one example, save a chunk of fuel. Airbus has electric airliners in mind for the future, and has already bought the property in France where they will build these wonders. What is it they say about following the money?

To summarize, airlines have been and are making great strides in efficiency.

So, what in the world is NPR talking about? I was driving when I heard the report, so didn’t take notes. I keep waiting for follow-up, or for raging responses from airlines. So far, I haven’t heard a peep.

And who in the world came up with the idea that airliners and ships make up a category? What will be the next “category” they go after — skate boards and bulldozers?