Black Sage Contributes to Successful Drone Detections at Incheon International Airport

Nov. 10, 2020

Illegal drones were detected approximate to the Incheon International Airport by a C-UAS system featuring Black Sage technology and layered sensors installed at Incheon International Airport. Air traffic quickly and safely returned to normal due to the efficiency and effectiveness of the airport authority's security system and protocols.

Drones pose an increasing threat to airline passengers and airports worldwide. The number of illegal drones entering the airspace of major international airports continues to increase annually.

Black Sage's DefenseOS command and control software integrates and manages a layered defense network comprising sensors and effectors. The technology integrates with partner sensor suites and maximizes their effectiveness.

"Black Sage is proud to work with our partners at Incheon International Airport Corporation to increase the safety of passengers arriving and departing from their airport," stated Trent Morrow, Black Sage's chief strategy officer. "Our Counter UAS solutions are deployed with militaries and airports worldwide protecting people and critical infrastructure."