Spidertacks and Black Widow Helicopters Announce Partnership

April 26, 2023

Spidertracks, a market leader in aircraft tracking, fleet management, and aviation safety solutions, announced its collaboration and partnership with Black Widow Helicopters.

Black Widow Helicopters is an experienced and knowledgeable team of aviation professionals with more than 25 years of collective expertise in business, finance, and aviation operations. Dedicated to providing state-of-the-art technology, the project involves nose-to-tail modernization of legacy UH60 Black Hawk and Bell UH1 aircraft. 

The company targets older systems and airframes that are nearing obsolescence, too costly to maintain, and lacking the functionality required to fit into an ever-evolving airspace structure or mission requirements. They focus on solid aircraft with many cycles remaining on the airframe and engines and performance that is in line with newer aircraft. 

For the operator, these upgrades can extend the life of an aircraft for decades at a fraction of the cost of buying new, more costly aircraft. 

Cultivating a robust safety management system is continuing to become more of a priority for helicopter operators across all sectors — whether it be for firefighting or other utility mission operations. Black Widow Helicopters believes that flight data monitoring (FDM) is one method that is highly important not only for enabling reactive responses to incidents but for helping to stop incidents from occurring in the first place. For this obvious reason, Black Widow has added Spidertracks to their suite of advanced tracking& monitoring equipment to ensure that the completed aircraft are the safest in the air. 

Founded in 2007, Spidertracks is globally recognized as an industry leader, providing aircraft owners and operators fleet management, FDM/FOQA and aviation safety solutions. Delivering an integrated, end-to-end software and hardware platform, their goal is making it simple for the operator, both from an install perspective and getting immediate access to usable and relevant flight data, resulting in increased safety and operational efficiencies. Spidertracks continues to push the boundaries and lead the way towards safer practices and more efficient operations by breaking down the barriers of traditional flight data recording, providing aviators with a new level of valuable insights. 

"We are very excited to embark on this journey with Spidertracks," said Todd Dunphy, head of Corporate Development at Black Widow. "Their robust and reliable track record in the industry was what truly drew us to them. We are confident that with their cutting-edge safety technology, our partnership will be long and successful." 

The collaboration is a strong strategic fit and is consistent with Spidertracks’s mission to support the aviation industry with leading and innovative solutions and services. Both companies are eager to see what the future holds and look forward to seeing how this partnership will grow and develop.