HAI SMS Program Now Offers Coaching by WYVERN

March 8, 2023
Easy-start risk assessment can be completed in one day.

Helicopter Association International (HAI) has partnered with WYVERN LTD of Nashua, New Hampshire, to make it even easier for members to start using a safety management system (SMS). In addition to a customized SMS software solution, the HAI SMS program now offers coaching by WYVERN for one-on-one assistance with implementation, evaluation, and validation.

The program features an easy-start process that allows members to begin identifying safety threats within minutes and, with help from WYVERN’s SMS coach, create a plan for resolving them. In addition to training and user support, the program also includes self-auditing and gap-analysis tools and reporting capabilities. Participating members receive WYVERN certification as evidence of their SMS level and safety culture.

“The evaluation process is robust yet user-friendly, with the safety culture assessment and SMS evaluation conducted virtually over the course of one day,” says Sonnie Bates, CEO of WYVERN. “The program is customizable to operators’ needs and preferences, from simple to sophisticated.”

The HAI WYVERN program is affordable and efficient, costing approximately 70% less than a traditional SMS audit, according to Bates. Special pricing is available for HAI members who haven’t yet subscribed. If members want more in-depth SMS capabilities, premium services are available upon request.

“The FAA is preparing to mandate SMS for Part 135 certificate holders and certain Part 91 air tour operators. With HAI’s SMS program, members have time to implement one at their pace with the help of a coach and avoid the last-minute scramble to comply,” says James Viola, president and CEO of HAI. “The HAI WYVERN program provides a foundation for operators to enhance their safety with missionspecific standards and provides a roadmap to safety management excellence,” says Andrew Day, senior vice president of operations for WYVERN.

“We’re excited to partner with WYVERN to bring members their most-requested benefit—help with SMS,” says Chris Hill, senior director of safety at HAI. “Now, with the assistance of a coach, members have what they need to get started in just one day.”