Embraer Signs an Agreement with Ocean Explorer and Beacon Expands to Helicopters’ Segment

Feb. 28, 2023
Ocean Explorer is the first helicopter operator to use Beacon in maintenance activities.

Embraer has signed a commercial agreement with Ocean Explorer, a Brazilian helicopter operator, for the use of Beacon, the maintenance coordination digital platform that connects resources and professionals for a faster return-to-service. Ocean Explorer is the first helicopter operator to use Beacon to help bring contextual communication between its maintenance teams and external partners, simplify flows and improve maintenance operations.

“We are excited to onboard the first helicopter operator into the Beacon digital platform. We designed Beacon to keep all kinds of aircraft flying - and that counts also for even helicopters. Wherever there is room to facilitate interactions among different maintenance players, to leverage contextual communication around maintenance events, and to make the maintenance workflows easier, there is space for Beacon,” said Marco Cesarino, Head of Beacon.

“Beacon is the ideal solution for Ocean as we seek for a smarter and digital maintenance operation. With Beacon, our team can communicate with maintenance centers, engine maintenance representatives, and other external partners in real-time without the trouble of searching for information on emails and phone calls. We need to make sure the helicopter is always available, so keeping information safe and accessible to everyone involved is critical”, said Daniel Braz, General Manager at Ocean Explorer do Brazil.

Ocean Explorer is a Brazilian helicopter aircraft management company, which operates an Airbus ACH160, one of the most sophisticated and technological helicopters in the world. Brazil has more than 2,000 helicopters flying every day, and São Paulo has the largest fleet in the world among cities, with more than 400 aircraft and 2,200 daily takeoffs and landings, according to a survey carried out by the Brazilian Association of Helicopter Pilots (Abraphe).