Helicopter Charters and Tours Available for Anyone at HAI HELI-EXPO 2022

Feb. 22, 2022
2022 Hai Heli Expo Logo (002)

Helicopter Association International (HAI) announces a partnership with Longhorn Helicopters that, for the first time, will bring charter helicopter flights to the association’s annual trade show, HAI HELI-EXPO.

In Dallas, March 7–10, attendees, exhibitors and others can book charter flights between the Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center Dallas and any outlying business or airport where landings are permitted. Tour flights are also available. These flights, which can be booked at heliexpocharters.com, will operate from the downtown Dallas CBD Vertiport, which is connected to the convention center. The vertiport will also be used by rotorcraft OEMS for demonstration flights for potential buyers.

“By bringing more helicopter services to our show, we are demonstrating the value of our entire industry,” says James Viola, president and CEO of HAI. “Our plan is to work with local partners each year to provide access for anyone who wants to avoid traffic or enjoy the local sights the best way possible — from the air. I want to thank Longhorn Helicopters, our inaugural partner, and I am looking forward to seeing the skies around Dallas filled with helicopters!”

Those interested can book flights or request additional information by visiting heliexpocharters.com. Pricing for flights is dependent on a wide variety of factors, and a representative of Longhorn Helicopters will provide a quote before the booking process is complete. HAI HELI-EXPO registration is not required.

“Our pilots and helicopters are ready to go,” says Ashley Mikel, operations manager of Longhorn Helicopters. “We can take attendees on a sunset flight around the city or pick-up visitors from hotels, businesses, or airports. Local residents already know how bad traffic can get. What better way to arrive at HAI HELI-EXPO than in a helicopter?”

HAI anticipates similar services will become an annual event at HAI HELI-EXPO.