Swiss MRO Karen Relies on Horix to Manage Two A109s Dismantling

Feb. 21, 2022

Switzerland's largest private helicopter MRO, Karen Helicopter Services has signed of another consignment agreement with Horix Aerospace under the Horix Trust Consignment Program. The work scope covers all material recovered from the dismantling of two AW109s, an aged A109AII and an AW109S Grand, reaffirming Karen’s position as a European center of excellence for the dismantling of AW109s.

This will be the third project managed in partnership with Horix said Karen Director of Operations Luca Carlino.  With operating bases in Switzerland and a number African locations, the company needs a partner to manage the spare parts inventory chain.

Marco Taufer, Horix Aerospace’s chief commercial officer, announced, "We are pleased to be a partner of Karen’s growth and we are delighted to expand our helicopter used serviceable materials inventory through our Trust Consignment Program. This is a strong consignment agreements year for Horix, where the number of signed trust consignment agreements continue to grow, indicating that our Horix Trust Consignment Program is a win-win situation for both us and the client."

Horix is considering future helicopters, both the AW109 and AW139 types, for use as UsedServiceable Materials supply sources, and continues to acquire parts through multiple avenues including consignments and direct stock purchases.