Rostec to Supply Two Mi-171A2 Helicopters to Bangladesh Police

Nov. 22, 2021

A contract has been concluded between Russian Helicopters Holding (a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation) and Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Bangladesh for the supply of two state-of-the-art Mi171A2 multipurpose heavy helicopters. The delivery is intended to be made in the first quarter of 2023.

"The executed contract is a consistent step in our international promotion of civil helicopters. The agreement confirms the fact that Russian helicopters have gained excellent reputation and demand in the People’s Republic of Bangladesh which has extensive experiences in operating Mi-8/17 helicopters. I am sure that the outstanding flight performance, operational parameters, and cutting-edge onboard equipment of the Mi-171A2 model will be much appreciated by our partners," says Andrey Boginsky, director general, Russian Helicopters.

The Mi-171A2 has already received good recognition in the region: in 2018 the model participated in a demo tour across the Southeast Asia and its perfect capabilities were demonstrated to aviation engineers and potential customers. Furthermore, the model was recently exhibited at Dubai Airshow 2021, and the contract was signed for the supply of two Mi-171A2 to Peru.

In 2017 the Mi-171A2 was certified for Category A in Russia which means the model is compliant with most rigorous flight safety requirements established for civil helicopters. The first countries to operate a Mi-171A2 were Kazakhstan and India. The Aircraft Type Certificate in relation to Mi-171A2 has also been validated by aviation authorities of Columbia and South Korea, with China, Brazil, Mexico, UAE, etc. planning to do the same.

The Mi-171A2 helicopter embodies best features widely renowned in the Mi-8/17 series. It is equipped with VK-2500PS-03 engines having a digital control system. As the engines are more powerful and the flight navigation equipment and communication systems have been significantly upgraded, the model has extended its application. Now the Mi-171A2 boasts an even more extensive operational range with novel opportunities in mountains and hot climate.

Thanks to its efficient X-shaped steering rotor and new lifting rotor with composite blades and an improved aerodynamic profile, both the model’s cruising speed and maximum speed grew by 10% and lifting capacity by 25%, as compared to the current Mi 8/17 series. The Mi-171A2 can carry up to 4,000 kg in the cargo cabin or up to 5,000 kg as external load.

Russian Helicopters, a part of Rostec State Corporation, is a leading player in the global helicopter industry, the sole Russian designer and manufacturer of helicopters. The Holding Company was established in 2007 and is headquartered in Moscow. They operate five helicopter assembly plants, two design bureaus, component production and maintenance enterprises, aircraft repair plants and one helicopter service company providing after-sales support in Russia and abroad. The customers of the Holding Company are the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Home Affairs, EMERCOM of Russia, and other state customers, Gazpromavia, UTair Aviation company, large Russian and foreign companies.

Rosteс State Corporation is one of the largest industrial companies in Russia. It unites more than 800 scientific and industrial organizations in 60 regions of the country. Its key areas of activity are aircraft engineering, radioelectronics, medical technologies, innovative materials, etc. The corporation’s portfolio includes such well-known brands as AvtoVAZ, KAMAZ, UAC, Russian Helicopters, UEC, Uralvagonzavod, Shvabe, Kalashnikov, etc. Rostec is active in the implementation of all 12 national projects. The company is a key provider of Smart City technology, it is engaged in the digitalization of public administration, industry and social sectors, and it is developing plans for the development of 5G wireless technologies, an Industrial Internet of Things, big data and blockchain systems. Rostec partners with leading world manufacturers such as Boeing, Airbus, Daimler, Pirelli and Renault. The corporation’s products are delivered to more than 100 countries worldwide. Almost a third of the company's revenue comes from the export of high-tech products.