Ka-226T Helicopter Presented at Dubai Airshow is Equipped with KRET Equipment

Nov. 17, 2021

The most advanced Ka-226T helicopter presented abroad for the first time at the Dubai Airshow 2021, received the latest avionics from the Concern Radio-Electronic Technologies of Rostec State Corporation. The equipment is designed for autonomous determination of the spatial position and altitude and speed parameters of the aircraft.

The Ka-226T avionics equipment includes a whole series of devices developed by UKBP (part of KRET): BPV-7 units for collecting data on helicopter equipment and power plant; IM-14-2N information displays; ISRP-5-3 back-up system; PVD-K4-5 pitots; TSK-5 annunciator.

The new back-up system ISRP-5-3 autonomously determines the helicopter's roll, pitch and magnetic course, calculates the aircraft's barometric altitude, instrument and vertical speed, provides pilot-navigation data, information on engine parameters and aircraft coordinates, and also displays emergency, warning and notification information.

The Concern's equipment installed in the upgraded Ka-226T is distinguished for its low weight and compact dimensions. For example, the BPV-7 unit is essentially a full-fledged two-channel onboard control system while having half the size and weight as the previous generation systems. The new back-up system ISRP-5-3 is twice lighter and smaller than its analogues. At the same time all the equipment is highly efficient and accurate.

The international debut of the upgraded Ka-226T took place at the Dubai Airshow 2021 held from 14 to 18 November in Dubai (UAE). The helicopter is adapted to high altitude flights, that is why the modernization project got the code name “Climber”. The new helicopter differs from the previous models of the Ka-226 family with a new design of the airframe and fuselage with increased aerodynamic characteristics.

Flight tests of the light Ka-226T are currently underway at the test facility of the National helicopter center Мil&Kamov. Mass production of the modernized helicopter equipped with the latest KRET avionics is scheduled to commence in 2022.