Donaldson Developing New Filtration Solutions for Civil and Military Rotorcraft

March 5, 2015
Initiatives cover in-service, vertical-lift aircraft as well as the newest generation of civil and military helicopters.

ORLANDO, FL — MARCH 3, 2015 — Donaldson Aerospace & Defense, a division of Donaldson Company, Inc. (NYSE: DCI) which, this year, is celebrating its 100th anniversary, is focused in 2015 on developing new filtration solutions for numerous civil and military rotorcraft programs.

The company’s initiatives cover in-service, vertical-lift aircraft as well as the newest generation of civil and military helicopters. Donaldson is working to make its innovative Inlet Barrier Filter (IBF) engine air system and other filtration solutions available as original equipment from the helicopter manufacturer’s factory in addition to the traditional option of a retrofit. It also is pursuing new capabilities for IBF customers by developing dry-media filter modules to supplement the oiled-filter modules in use today.

“For a full century, our products have proven their ability to keep customers’ equipment operating safely, reliably and efficiently,” said Bob Stenberg, Business Development Director at Donaldson Aerospace & Defense in St. Louis. “In our next century, we aim to make it even easier for customers to realize these significant benefits by improving their ability to acquire, operate and maintain Donaldson’s advanced filtration solutions.”

Donaldson will be displaying its latest products March 2-5 during Heli-Expo 2015 at Booth No. 4600 at the Orlando Orange County Convention Center.

Following its January introduction of the first certified IBF system for the T2 version of Airbus Helicopters’ EC130, Donaldson is developing IBFs for additional in-service aircraft such as Robinson Helicopter’s R66 and Bell Helicopter’s 214B BigLifter. IBFs are already certified for use on a wide range of AgustaWestland, Airbus, Bell and MD Helicopters aircraft.

Donaldson is developing IBF installations for some of the newest civil helicopters: the 19-passenger, twin-engine AW189, and Bell’s single-engine 505 Jet Ranger X and “super-medium” weight-class 525. Donaldson also is providing transmission oil filter assemblies for the 525 Relentless’ main rotor gearbox, tail rotor gearbox, intermediate gearbox and reduction gearbox.

To enhance its IBF’s benefits in the most extreme operational environments, Donaldson is certifying multiple next-generation, non-woven dry filter media systems. Dry media has the potential to simplify filter maintenance by eliminating the need to re-oil the filter, and has already been battle-tested on U.S. BLACK HAWK helicopters in Iraq.

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