Part Life to Increase 30 Percent with Bell Helicopter Approval of LORD SPE IIA Elastomer

Sept. 26, 2014
The Bell 407 CF bearing now incorporates the new elastomer.

(Cary, N.C. – Sept. 22, 2014) – Bell Helicopter has approved the upgrade to LORD SPE IIA elastomer on the Bell 407 CF/lead lag bearing (407-310-102-101 and 407-310-102-103), an improvement that is expected to increase the service life of the part by at least 30 percent.

The elastomer uses LORD’s newest generation of elastomer formulation. Comparative endurance tests were used to verify/validate an increase in fatigue resistance using the LORD latest elastomeric technology SPE IIA.

According to LORD Corporation’s Rodolphe Leroy, Manager Global Sales, Business Development & Marketing, this elastomeric material has been used on many new platforms in the past few years.

“LORD continues to strive and develop the next generation of elastomeric components to increase reliability and performance,” said Leroy. “We were successful in introducing this material to legacy aircraft such as the Bell 412 and we significantly improved the service life of the pivot bearing (412-010-190-103) through a FAA authorized repair. Heavy Bell 412 users have been flying with these bearings since last year and our endurance fatigue tests have shown a significant enhancement over the existing parts.”   

The Bell 407 CF bearing now incorporates the new elastomer. According to Leroy, LORD is implementing this technology at no additional cost to customers and is excited to be able to help operators reduce their direct operating costs (DOCs) and improve service life by using these upgraded components. The improved material is expected to provide users with an additional value of $1,600 average per CF bearing, not including the time and resources saved by not replacing these parts as often. All bearings are expected to exceed a 2,500-hour service life, with more consistent performance and backed by an improved warranty.

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