Engine Support Increases for Helicopter Operators

Feb. 24, 2014
Air BP Lubricants will be showcasing a new support kit for helicopter operators and engineers at the 2014 HAI Heli Expo in Anaheim, CA.

Air BP Lubricants will be showcasing a new support kit for helicopter operators and engineers at the 2014 HAI Heli Expo in Anaheim, CA this week as part of its effort to provide increased assistance to the helicopter operators around the globe.

The global aviation lubricant supplier will be ramping up its services to the sector this year, with the first initiative being the publication of a helicopter engine oil guide, designed to help operators select the best oil for their rotorcraft.

Air BP Lubricants aviation marketing manager Paul Fridman said the business wants to help improve performance within the industry by increasing the information and support available to helicopter operators.

“Helicopter engines are reflecting the changes we’ve seen in fixed-wing sector, with hotter and more severe engine conditions. There has also been growth in helicopter missions worldwide, particularly long-haul with the rise of oil rig/offshore missions.

“What this means is that traditional oil products may not be the best choice for new operating conditions.”

Helicopter operators face many decisions in order to improve their operations. There is an increased pressure in the industry for efficiency and reliability. Selecting the appropriate lubricant can help improve uptime leading to a more efficient operation and more profitable business.

“By educating operators about the right kinds of oils to use, we can to influence better oil choices,” Mr Fridman said.

“Rotorcrafts come in all shapes and sizes with varying engines and each operate in different conditions. Using a less-than-optimal oil can be detrimental to the engine as well as operators' businesses through increased maintenance time and costs.

“By increasing the range and accessibility of helicopter tools and services for operators, we can bridge the gap in oil education that currently exists in the industry,” Mr Fridman said.

The helicopter oil guide is free for visitors of the HAI Heli Expo in Anaheim, California. Air BP Lubricants encourages guests to visit its exhibition stall and pick up a copy. Members of the Air BP Lubricants Technical Sales and Support team will also be on hand to answer questions relating to lubricant selection to help HAI members improve operations.

To find out more about Air BP Lubricants or to contact your local representative go to www.airbp.com/lubricants.

About Air BP Lubricants

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